31 October 2005

Ahem... Pardon The Interruption

It seems that Pixie's wifi card has managed to bite the dust. Thus she is unable to access the internet... and can not blog or answer email.

She and her mother are working on various devious methods to procure another working card. But until such time, our Pixie will not be available. If there are any updates in the situation - I will peek in and let you know. We hope that blogging and the liberal distribution of Pixie dust will resume quickly.

Thank you for your patience.

29 October 2005

Conceit isn't so easy.

I have a project that a family member requested. It requires me to be conceited.

Now, I'm not a shrinking violet. And I'm not averse to bragging every once in a while. Depending on the crowd. And mostly because it's fun to tell a story and get a laugh.

But writing everything down, is a wee bit different. And I evidently have to write EVERYTHING.

Makes me feel kinda weird. Actually very weird.

Does that sound weird?

What would you do if you were requested to write down everything award, good deed, assignment, etc that you'd ever done?

28 October 2005

Box of Books

I got a box of books in the mail today! I was so excited to see it, I jumped for joy. Should have seen the looks from the people in the post office. *grin*

They're all books by my favorite authors. The Lowells, JAK, Linda Howard. I was drooling.

Thank you Jacqui and Kirsten. You made me feel special.

I called my folks last weekend. They have 400 minute phone cards for $20.00 I like that kind of math.

If you don't want to read anything mushy, quit reading here.

There's nothing better than talking to your best friend. That's what my Mama is. My best friend. She finally went to the doctor. I was so proud of her. She hates doctors more than I do, which is saying something. Trust me.

She always knows how to say the right thing no matter what. 9,000 miles away and she can put a smile on my face.

Her birthday is Nov 9. This will be the last birthday I miss with her. After this year in Korea, I'll be in Georgia and we're gonna do it up. Especially with 60 coming up in the next few years.

Ok, enough mushy stuff.

I really don't have much to type right now. I'm gonna go dive into the box of books and wallow.

Thank you again. *smooch*

21 October 2005


are a bitch. Let me reiterate- stairs are a BITCH. My legs hurt. My butt hurts. My shins hurt. 48 stairs at least twice a day. More if I want a cigarette. Try hauling luggage. Or wearing a flak vest with chem gear on. Plus the gas mask. And the backpack filled with items needed for work. We have to wear chemgear booties. I wear a size 6 shoe. I can wear girls size 4 shoes. My feet aren't the width of the stairs. Until I put on the booties. Then my feet are huge.

I tripped going up the stairs.

Within the first 8 steps.


Knees aren't meant to connect with stairs.

Trust me, it's a bitch.

*purty legs*
*purty legs*
*purty legs*

That's my new mantra. It's what keeps me going.

God, I better have a tight ass when I leave.

Ok, enough bitching.

I'm having fun. Work is even fun. Everyone laughs and cuts up. The work gets done and everyone has fun doing it. What more could a supervisor ask for?

I'm a lucky pixie. I got some boxes in the mail. One from my Mama who loves me so much. I couldn't ask for a better Mama. *love you mommy*

And one from Nell and the girls. Filled with life's necessities. Coffee, chocolate, and books. I love you guys.

I don't have internet in my room yet. I have to walk outside (down those bloody stairs) to hook up and smoke a cigarette. I smoke several at a time. Ain't no way in hell I'd come downstairs for just one. So I bring a book. And my laptop if I feel like hauling it down. Laptops aren't heavy until you haul it up a 4th floor walkup. Trust me.

That's why I haven't been on much. Forgive me. :-)

And now you know what's been going on in my life. Not a whole lot but I'm sure as heck enjoying it.

I do miss you guys though. It's only a year and then home for good!

I can't wait.

But until then I'm gonna have fun.

But for now, I'm gonna log off and go....

yes, you guessed it.

Climb the damn stairs.

*purty legs*


14 October 2005

Purty purty legs

I have a room.

A great room.

Twin bed with a new mattress. Large cabinet to hold the TV. A desk for the laptop. Dresser. And a nightstand.

My stuff gets delivered Monday afternoon. Yippee!

It's really cold out there right now. Winter coat is a good idea.

No, it's a great idea.

But back to the room.

It's been refurbished. The fridge works. The bathroom has a bathtub!

After 2 1/2 years of a 3/4 bath with a 2x2 cubicle to shower in, I've got a TUB!!!

A deep tub. Bubble bath here I come.

Back to the room.

It's on the 4th floor.

Yeah, 3 flights of stairs at least twice a day. Sometimes more depending on circumstances.

That's ok.

Can you imagine the purty purty legs I'm gonna have when I get back?

13 October 2005

Blog by email?

So I can send in posts by email. That's nifty!

However, I've discovered I'm clueless at adding a blogroll and logo. I think it fits right up there with algebra, calculus, and trigonometry.

Why do letters have to equal numbers? If x + y = 2 then why don't we just say 1 + 1 = 2?

Life would be so much easier.

My algebra teacher in high school said I'd need some form of algebra later in life. I'm happy to say I've proven him wrong. Balancing a checkbook doesn't require algebra.

The only form of math that HAS come in handy is percentages. I can tell you exactly how much that outfit that's 31% off is gonna be down to the penny.

I like to shop.

I suck at math.

I love to shop sales.

I found turtlenecks at the BX for 75% off. After calculating, I discovered they were a grand total of $2.00 a piece. I bought 3.

I don't normally buy clothes from the BX. It's a very small selection. But as my TMO shipment is sitting in a warehouse here on base and as yet I have no dorm room, therefore, no warm clothes, I bought clothes from the BX.

Are you following?

Cuz sometimes even I get lost on my train of thought.

Makes for fascinating trips.

Until I crash into reason.

Which seems to happen quite a lot.

I gotta learn to avoid him.


I'm going outside to smoke a cigarette.

I shall return.

Life is good.

12 October 2005


I've been here for a week. Jet lag is still a huge factor. I do good first thing in the morning. But about noon when my body's telling me it's 10pm, my eyes start to close and toothpicks come in handy.

It's been interesting so far. The shop is very cohesive and that's quite simply in a word- awesome. They hang out together, work out together, and have fun. It's such a relief. For those of you who know how much I disliked where I was at before (I refuse to give it a name) should have an idea of just how much a relief this is to me.

There's no smoking anywhere inside; except the bowling alley and you can only smoke in the slots room. That's ok, I'll go get a roll of quarters and relax.

Went to PT today. First time I'd done situps, pushups, or the elliptical in a loooonnnngggg time. I did 20 situps, 10 pushups, and 13 minutes on the elliptical. I broke a sweat and I'll up the numbers by 1 each time. We have to go 3x a week.

Maybe I'll get my ass back in shape before I leave.

Yeah, that'd be nice.

I'm starting to find myself again. Even I've noticed the changes in myself. I smile more, I laugh at jokes, hell I even joke around now. I didn't do that for so long I was afraid I'd forgotten how.

It feels good to be healing. It's not an easy process but I think this, I will succeed at.

I want to be healed. And only I can do that.

It's nice to wake up in the morning and not absolutely dread putting on the uniform. It's nice to wake up and start humming. It's nice to walk into the shop and see happy faces. It's nice to want to be there.

It's nice to see people who smile when you walk in. To hear "good morning!" with a lilt in their voice. To get a phone call saying "hey, we're going out, wanna go?" Nice to be included.

Nice to be finding myself again.

I was afraid it would never happen.

Now I have hope.

And Mama can say "I told you so" and I'll just smile!


What a wonderful concept.

07 October 2005

Jet lag sucks

Oh man, does it suck.

Day 4. Went to bed at 5pm yesterday. Woke up at 10pm. Fell back to sleep at 1am. Wide awake at 4:40 am.

No ands, ifs, or buts. Body awake, mind ready to go.

So I'm gonna try to stay awake all day and see if that helps me sleep in tomorrow. Even to 5am. Just 20 extra minutes.

So Mama asked what billeting looked like. Here is what I told her.

Picture a room about 20x10.

2 twin beds
2 dressers
2 wardrobes
2 chairs
1 TV
1 mini fridge
1 4-cup coffee pot (and no folger's)


1 roommate.

Clothes are unpacked, two suitcases are on top of the wardrobe and you can't open the bathroom door because my bed blocks the door.

Enough said 'bout that.

It's Saturday morning of a 3 day weekend. Over at the CAC eating a bacon sandwich and talking to my Mama on MSN. Life is good.

Gonna go to the BX today and buy laundry soap and a pillow. Go back do laundry and maybe go to the club tonight. It's country night.

Maybe I'll go play bingo tomorrow at the club.

Who knows.

Haven't read any news. Missed Survivor (yeah, I'm a junkie).

Maybe I should go read the news.

Yeah, that's an idea.

05 October 2005


Well I'm here.

I think.

My brain's a little foggy still. Actually I think I left it back in the states.

I left B'ham on Sunday and arrived in San Fran at 8pm. Spent the night and arrived at San Fran Intl Monday at 11am. Hopped on the plane at 1:45 pm and spent a torturous 11 hrs on the plane.

A crowded plane.

A crowded plane that was over 36,000 ft in the air.

I don't like 36,000 ft in the air.

So I took a sleeping pill and tried to sleep.

Except the sunshine followed. We headed west over the Int'l dateline and the sun just wouldn't go away. I think it was 17 hours straight of sunlight. Talk about messing with your head. And body. And biorhythms. And head...oh, I said that already. See?

I took another sleeping pill.

It worked for about 2 hours. Then the legs started cramping. Time to get up.

Walked around for about 10 minutes til we hit turbulance. Is there supposed to be turbulence at 36,000 ft? So the pilot put on the seatbelt sign.

Sat back down and watched my DVD's for about 2 hours.

Got up to walk around again.

Ummm, don't ever go to the lavatory without your shoes on. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

And as much as I prefer the window seat, I will NOT get a window seat on the way back. Why you ask? Cuz you can't bloody get up. Everytime I got up, the two people next to me gave dirty looks. Course that just made me get up that much more. *snork*

So we land in Japan. Head to the gate to catch the next plane and had to go through security. Again. I didn't understand that. We didn't leave the secure area or terminal. Yet had to go back through it.

Ok, back through security.

Get to the plane in time to board. Two and a half hours we land at Incheon, Seoul at 8pm. Now a three hour wait until the bus arrives. Thank goodness they had a military desk to greet and semi-comfortable seats. Seats that you could lay down on.

Course I wonder if they were semi-comfortable cuz I was so tired I didn't give a damn or if they are really comfortable? Hmmmm, something to ponder. Later.

So we arrived on-base this morning around 2am. And checked into billeting.

And gonna be in billeting for a couple of months unless something changes real quick. (As I write this, the dorm manager is standing next to me. *snickersnort*)

Why, you ask?

Because there is not a female dorm room available right now until November.

Which means I don't get my stuff delivered until then.

Which means no TV, no DSL, no phone, no homey stuff. :-(

Anyways, back to the trip.

Have you ever tried airline food? No? I recommend you keep it that way. Don't get me wrong, it's not horrible. But it's not cuisine. And it all tastes like overcooked chicken. Yes, you can overcook chicken. Trust me, I've discovered every recipe for overcooked chicken that exists.

Enough about that.

I'm here.

Day 1 of 365. Who's counting with me?

Actually it's not so bad. I've been here before and not too much has changed. A few of the buildings were moved.

And lots of memories came roaring back.

Let's go see what tomorrow brings.

02 October 2005

To my Mama

Thank you for the special times and memories. This last month has been awesome.

You are my friend.

You are my sister.

You are special.

I'm so glad we have this friendship.

I hope you know this.

Keep your head up, your chin straight, and love yourself. Find your inner hothead and let her back out.

Take care of my girls; Desi, Chrissy, and Beth. Give them hugs and kisses from me. Cuz I'm sure gonna miss them. Let them know I tried.

Tell Chris and Gina I love them.

Let Daddy be goofy and love him. You know what I mean.

Teach Luka to be a good boy. I think you'll find he has potential. *grin*

Love my sweet Sasha. She'll be there for you through thick and thin.

But most of all, know that I love you. And even though I'm in another country, I'm just a phone call away.

Love you!

Leaving on a jet plane

Leaving on a jet plane.
Don't know when I'll be back again.

Ok, so that isn't true. I'll be back next October. Just a year away right? Not so bad.

I'm lying.

But that's ok, it's part of the job (going to Korea, not lying). I've been to Korea before, same place, different decade. Wonder how much it's changed.

Probably a bunch.

Ah well, only time will tell.

Flying's not my favorite thing. In fact it's one of my least favorite things. Something about the heights. Yeah, an Air Force chick who doesn't like to fly. Go figure.

But if I was meant to fly I'd've been given wings at birth. That didn't happen. I always get a window seat. Sounds strange since I really don't like heights. But...with a window seat you get to control the window shade. I shut it. And it stays shut.

Ok, so I'm a wuss. I admit it. Isn't that the first step to recovery?

One suitcase is 50lbs, one is 70lbs. Hopefully their scale will match mine. If not,...well, I don't wanna think about if not.

Alright enough already. I'm logging off.

Sure gonna miss my Mama though.

*walks off humming*

Leaving on a jet plane.
Don't know when I'll be back again.

*Stupid song's gonna be stuck in my head all day now*

01 October 2005

Mayonnaise as conditioner?

My hair is dry. It's my fault. I permed it last year. It's grown out so much I look like a bad hair day everyday. Half straight, half sorta wavy.

Mama straightened it for me. It's the same procedure as getting a perm without the rollers. Then I colored it. A real purty deep auburn red. Those little silver streaks that I keep plucking keep doubling. (If you understood that last remark you are now officially southern!) Just in case you're wondering, yes I am a true redhead. I just like to enhance every once in awhile.

The result is... dry hair!

It needs conditioning.

The answer is... mayonnaise!

Wet the hair, rub mayonnaise in all over, let sit for an hour, and voila conditioned hair!

Course for that hour, you stink.

Ain't life fun?


Uhhhh, conditioning worked on the unpermed portion of my hair. Not so good for the permed portion. Guess it's just too chemical fried.

There goes 3 inches.

*walks off pondering the lost 3 inches*

Course I'd probably be more upset if I was a man.

Packing sucks

Take two. No, make that three. No, four. No, fi... ahhhh, hell I give up! Packing sucks.

Did you know the airlines lowered the weight limit for luggage from 70lbs to 50lbs? No? Neither did I until this week. It costs $25.00 to go up to 70lbs. I don't even want to know how much it is above 70lbs. Guess the airlines are REALLY hurting. Guess taking one cruton out of every salad didn't work.

Used to, military folks on orders could go up to 70lbs without paying extra. Not anymore.

I now have two boxes ready to mail when I get my address. And two suitcases- one at 49 lbs, one at 68 lbs.

Problem is I still have at least 10lbs left to be packed. I don't want to pay $50.00.

Hmmmm, wonder what I can do without for several weeks.

Shoes? Yep, need 'em.

Jeans? Yep, need 'em.

Hygiene products? Yep, definitely need those.

Ahhh, I got it. Uniforms! Do you have any idea how heavy 4 uniforms are? Plus steel-toed boots?

Ok, off to figure this out. Luckily I've got a Mama who's awesome at packing.

More later!