04 June 2015

It's 6 years later and I've been a bad bad blogger.  But such is life.  We lose track of things and later find them and it's like a new toy all over again.

So quick recap.  Retired, moved to a sunshine state, Mick and Mack are now 8 year olds going into 3rd grade this fall, a teenage stepdaughter, and pseudo fiancee.

I say pseudo because we are having trouble blending our families.  Take twins who have never been separated and an only child who doesn't like to share her daddy and...well....squares don't fit into circles and vice versa.  I hope we will work it out but the air in the house is so thick that sometimes I can't breathe.

 I've made lots of friends the last few years, some good, some not-so-good, and some great.  I've kept the great ones and say hi to the good ones.  The not-so-good are now not-friends.  Much easier that way.

Hills, valleys, plateaus, and deep canyons make up life.  Sometimes you know you're in for an easy hike and other days that small hill stands before a deep canyon and you have to decide which way to take - the easy or hard way.  

So no one is going to read this because I've been gone so long but that's ok.  I just need an outlet and this is it.


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