30 October 2006

I've spawned!

Haha, and not the two kickboxers I'm carrying around every day.

I'd like to introduce my blog-daughter GiGi, who in real life is actually my mom (try to explain that family connection to the neighbors!).

She's a computer smart, savvy woman with an independent streak a mile wide who loves the internet.

Here's to many happy days blogging and having fun Mama!

22 October 2006

Rainy Sunday morning

Woke up to the rain pouring down outside my open window and onto the skylight in my bathroom. Why DOES someone put a skylight in a bathroom?

10:00 am and it's still as dark as if the sun were just rising. But that's ok, the windows are open, the AC is off, cool clean air is filtering through.

The dogs are in the sunroom, sleeping in their beds. I'm on the couch watching "The American President" and Mama's in the kitchen on her computer, drinking coffee, and watching her morning news.

All is right in my world.

20 October 2006

Hormones are the devil!

I've never been hormonal.

I've had my bad days.

But I've never "flashed" hot so fast.

Or cried so much.

Over stupid silly things.

Life is never dull. But I could really do without the tears.

17 October 2006

Unconsciousably rude

What do those words mean to you?

07 October 2006

I think I popped!

Twins make you get big.

Fast. A lot faster than a singleton pregnancy.

I look like I should be 6 months pregnant.

Instead I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant.

Take a look!