04 June 2015

How I spent 9/11 ten years later.

9/11 is the day my generation will never forget. Every generation has at least one and I have two: The Challenger exploding and 9/11. I'll never forget where I was both of those days.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning and had cereal waiting for my boys when they got up about 6:30. We watched cartoons together for about half an hour and then they went to their playroom while I tried watching one of the memorials. At 7:46 EST they called for a moment of silence. Then in the midst of the silence I heard the sound of children laughing.

That's when I realized how I needed to commemorate 9/11. With my family and friends. Not sitting on the couch crying. I couldn't bear listening to all the names, I just couldn't.

We had been planning on painting our house for several weeks now. So friends came over, we all put on old clothes and started painting. We laughed, we talked, and we listened to my boys laughter as they climbed trees, rode their bikes, and played in the pool.

We celebrated life. Because no matter how hard "they" tried, they can't stop us from celebrating life. 

And this is my last transfer post.  Now I hopefully won't lose all my posts because some of them make wonderful memories.


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