15 July 2015

Stop it, just stop it.

Craziest thing happening. Before the controversy over the Confederate flag began I hadn't seen one in years. But now? Everywhere I go I see them flying. On private property, flagpoles, cars, everywhere.

Folks, we can't wipe out history. If we did, we'd render ourselves helpless against learning from our mistakes. And for some, the harder someone tries to repress history, the harder others are going to fight to keep it. And then WWIII will start...within our own borders.

Slavery is part of this country's history. Just as indententured servitude, child labor, Japanese internment camps, and more are a part. Should we become part of England again? Because if we wipe away the last 155 years of history, we might as well make it across the board and wipe it all out. Forget the American Revolution and our ancestors beliefs of a free country.

I can speak with an English accent if I work at it.

Can you? 

Do you want to?


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