04 June 2015

Yeah, I really do suck at blogging. But that's because there has been so many changes in my life.

Life EXPLODED. Notice the all caps? That's cuz it was a level 5 explosion and everything changed.

I had a great job, nice house, family all living together on one street and one person's decision changed it all.

I'm not going into details, because they suck and make me bitter. So let's just say that after the explosion dust settled...

I quite my job. 

I moved my family.

I started over.

And everything is 150% better.

We have a beautiful home. Home, not house.
I have a wonderful job that I totally lucked into.
My kids are in a GREAT school.

And I'm nowhere near the explosion site.

Can't ask for more than that.

I'll try to do better from now on blogging. Life with twins is an everyday wonder. And I want to share the beauty of it.


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