29 April 2006


Spring has sprung!

For the first time this year the temperature has held steady in the high 60's. The wind is calmer and it actually feels good to be outside.

It's been the strangest weather here this year. It's almost like winter didn't want to let go. Maybe it's a battle of the seasons. Spring wants her time too. So I wonder if Summer's gonna put a stranglehold on Spring and Fall to get her equal share.


I'm just glad it's finally warming up.

19 April 2006

April showers...

Better bring May flowers!

We've had maybe 3 days without any rain. We have standing water everywhere. It's cold, it's windy, it's wet, and it's icky.

I woke up to severe thunder and lightning this morning at 3:30 am. It normally wouldn't have woken me except I live on the 4th floor. Thunder's a heck of a lot louder on the 4th floor.

Remind me never to live in an apartment building. Oh yeah, I'm afraid of heights...no chance of that happening.

Anyway, I'm hoping May gets pretty and warmer.

One a good note, spring has sprung here in some ways. The dogwoods (I think they're dogwoods) are blooming and I have one directly under my window. It's absolutely gorgeous.

08 April 2006

Bike or no bike?

This is a walking base. You can't own a car so you either walk everywhere, catch a bus (M-F only), pay for a cab (gets expensive), or ride a bike.

So my question is:

Should I buy a bike?

05 April 2006

6 month anniversary

I get up at 4am every morning. Sometimes it's because I fell asleep early the night before, other times it's because I have things on my mind and I just can't sleep. This morning I got up at 4am because I missed "House" last night and it was repeated at 4am.

Works for me.

So each morning I check my email to see what the latest is from the critter group. This morning Mirm (that sweet wonderful lady that she is) sent an email in response to my head-banging one last night. Her e-mail said:

"Only _____ more months/days left"

And it wasn't until then that I realized I've been here 6 months today. And that means only 6 months left. In fact, tomorrow I officially am over the halfway mark.

Mirm, thank you for starting my day off wonderfully! *smooch*

03 April 2006

I'm disappointed

So I was re-reading my previous post about PT and realized I didn't know who invented the bra. So I started googling...and guess what I found?!?

A woman created the bra!

Granted, she created it to get rid of the corset...but why'd she have to go and create a different torture device?

Herminie Cadolle invented the bra in 1889 Paris.

I'm so disappointed. I felt sure that some man had created it.

*going to sulk now*

Lord have mercy...

PT sucks!

Who invented PT? Why did he invent PT? Yes, I said he. I don't know of any women that would invent such a torturous concept! Kinda like bras...those instruments of torture. I wonder if the MALE military officials had to wear a bra everyday, would they still require bras to be worn in uniform? But that's a whole nother subject...

So what does PT stand for? Well the official version is Physical Training. But PT can also represent Physical Therapy (another torturous idea). Or...

Personal Trainer
Primary Target
Pop Tarts
Potty Trained
Pregnant Teenager
Perpetual Terror
Physical Tormentor
Pompous Torturer
Primitive Trauma

I could keep going on and on but my favorite is Pure Torture.

Cuz that's what it is.