18 February 2007

Mick and Mack have arrived!

I'm a Mama!

Guess the boys decided Valentine's Day was going to be THEIR day!

I woke up Valentine's Day morning feeling pretty good. Around 10am I went to the bathroom and there was my plug! We called the doc and they said to come in. When we got there, I was having some good contractions, had dilated to 2 cm, my water was leaking, and my blood pressure was up. Doc said to head straight to the hospital that we'd have babies within the hour!

We got to the hospital and it seemed to go slowly at first getting into the hospital room, IV's attached, etc. Then my doc showed up and everything got into high gear. Mick was born weighing 7 lbs 8.4 ozs at 1:39pm and Mack showed up 1 minute later justa squalling his head off and weighed 6 lbs 8 oz! Talk about big boys! Especially for being only at 36 weeks. We were all shocked. I was carrying around over 14 lbs of baby!

The c-section part went great. I didn't feel a thing and I got to see my boys before they took them to the nursery. Gigi, the lucky girl, got to carry them to the nursery!

We spent two days in the hospital and it's been a blur since. I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.

The boys are adorable. Mick has red hair and Mack has dark hair with tints of red. Beautiful dark blue eyes and temperments as different as night and day. Life is certainly interesting right now!

10 February 2007

Baby game

Go here and guess when they'll arrive. Gotta remember two things though-

1. Even though their due date is 10 March they'll be here NLT 1 Mar through a c-section
2. You have to make a guess for both babies!

We hit 36 weeks today. Whodathunk it? I know I didn't, we've gone much further than anyone expected!

09 February 2007

It's time.

We have everything ready:

Crib- check
Playpen- check
Their bag packed- check
My bag packed- check
bottles- check
formula- check
diapers- check
bouncy chairs- check
car seats- check
stroller- check
swings- check (on their way)
baby books- check (on their way)
kitchen cabinets done- check
French doors installed- check
House ready- check

Time for babies to come. I'm 36 weeks this weekend. Come on boys!!!

Water needs to break, contractions need to get more regular, something needs to happen!

05 February 2007

The most awesome Baby Shower ever!

It was amazing. I never knew how much my Mick and Mack were loved. And they're so spoiled already and they haven't even arrived (23 days and a wake-up!). Here are some pics.

The pile of gifts!

My double stroller!

The cake!

My boys are lucky lucky boys!!

02 February 2007

C-section anyone?

We've got a c-section date!


Mick and Mack will be here NLT 1 Mar 07! Course they'll probably come before then but there is an end in sight and my psyche really needed the uplift.

We've got a c-section date!

Today's dr appt went well. Boys were having a blast kicking the heartbeat monitors...

I'm having contractions but nothing steady or regular.

Baby A has dropped, Baby B is still under my chin. Between the two of them I can't breathe and I have to pee every 5 minutes.

Having babies is a great thing, lemme tell you!

Carrying one baby has to be a piece of cake after this.

Did I tell you we have a c-section date?

Yay! We've got a c-section date!

My baby shower is tomorrow. I can't wait! People are coming over! Lots and lots of people. I get to be around people! (If you've ever spent time on bedrest like oh say 3 months, you'd understand why this is exciting!) I'll post pics of the shower later on.

I started sewing stars and moons for the boys crib. I finally finished them. Here's a pic-

So all that's left is to bring Mick and Mack home.

And I can't wait to meet them!

So that was my day. How was yours?