20 May 2006

Armed Forces Day

Sue pointed out that it was Armed Forces Day.

I have a hard time keeping up with birthdays...everything else is just another day to keep track of.

But I think I'm changing my view of Armed Forces Day.

It takes someone special to join the Armed Forces. And it's not meant for everyone. I learned as a recruiter that while we do need people to join the military, we also need the ones who stay back and keep the world going so when the military folk come home, they have home waiting for them.

So it takes someone just as special to stay back and keep home safe and sound. I could never have done it. I had too much wanderlust. That and from the time I was 7 I remember being told I was going into the Air Force. But what grounds me is knowing that my family is there waiting and that when I do come home, it's to open arms.

And lo and behold 28 years later I'm two years away from retiring. and coming home to the world my family kept safe for me.

Armed Forces Day...

When I read Sue's email I cried. Good tears. And it made me think. What does Armed Forces Day mean to me? Do I want parades? Not really. Do I want the key to the city? Again, not really. A documentary made about me? Uh uh, no way. Money? Nobody ever joined the military to get rich.

I want what I got this morning. An email telling me that someone cares. A thought, a wish, a prayer, that's what I want.

And that's what I got.

So to all my sisters and brothers out there, know there are thoughts, wishes, and prayers heading your way. That no matter where you are, what you are doing, people care.

And we know we have a home waiting for us.

Thank you Sue.

16 May 2006


I work out 3x a week.

I speedwalk (not allowed to run per dr's orders) on the treadmill.

I sweat on the elliptical machine.

I can walk 1 1/2 miles in under 18 minutes.

Good workouts right?

I bought a bike last week.

The muscles you use to walk and glide on the elliptical are not the same muscles you use to pedal.

Did you know that?

Cuz I didn't.

My legs hurt.

My butt hurts worse.

Those bike seats are tiny.

Why don't they make a normal-woman-butt size seats?

I've got meat on my bones.

I like the meat on my bones.

I earned the meat on my bones.

Why don't the bike manufacturers recognize that a normal sized woman today isn't a toothpick and build an appropriate bike seat.

Sure would make my butt feet better.

*heads to the freezer for more ice*

15 May 2006


Bush wants to put 5000 troops on the US-Mexico border?

Where's he gonna get them?

11 May 2006

Idol Shocker

O M G ! ! !


Chris got the boot. I have to admit that absolutely shocked me. I picked him and Taylor as the final two 8 singers ago.

I figured Katherine would be gone last night.

Ryan was cruel last night. "Chris, you've been a front runner to win" Chris is smiling...

"Chris you're going home tonight." Chris looks shellshocked.

Katherine's mouth is hanging open, Chris is looking at Ryan like "wtf did you say?"


Man oh Man!


I see Chris with a gig very soon. There are a couple of bands out there who are looking for a lead singer. He'll get the job.

Now I'm rooting for Taylor full-on.

09 May 2006

Herpes anyone?

So we're discussing television advertising today. And somehow all those commercials promoting medications came up, in particular, the commercial promoting a Herpes medication (I forget which one).

We all agreed that you couldn't pay us enough money to go on TV and state "I haven't had an outbreak in years!"

Which led to "Do you think those actors really have it?"

And out of my mouth came these words-

"They better have it!"

Oh yeah, I really said it. And turned 15 various shades of red immediately.

Instant quiet. Instant silence. Instant stillness.

Then the snickering started which turned into snickersnorting.

Then the lone quizzical look...

My reasoning: If they didn't have it and are professing how the medication helped them, wouldn't that be false advertising?

Which led to "how do you prove false advertising in a case like this?"

At which, I ducked out of the conversation.

Yes, it was an interesting day!

04 May 2006

Well, it seems...

that I'm the bitch from hell who needs to be hurt.

Nice huh?