31 January 2006

State of the Union speech

It starts off with a tribute to Coretta Scott King, a truly remarkable woman married to a truly remarkable man. She will be truly mourned and remembered.

Yet as I sit here listening, my heart begins to sink.

The forum is filled with hypocrisy from the outspoken Democrats who publicly decry Bush's actions yet they stand there clapping along.

The family of a Marine lost in battle sits behind Laura Bush. I wonder if they realize that while their son is publicly honored for his sacrifice, they are just the next ones in a tradition started by Reagan.

Sickness, AIDS, and other diseases are mentioned with promises of more help in fighting them.

Terrorism, the one topic everyone KNEW would be mentioned, is brought forth as a blasphemy against the US.

4.6 million new jobs have been created over the last few years. I wonder if the car makers who laid off so many people in December have pointed their ex-employees in that direction.

The economy...well, that topic's been beat to death. It'll never be good enough, strong enough, weak enough, to truly make a change. Promises, promises, promises.

Tax relief? Well I haven't seen it in my paycheck. Course I get paid out of tax dollars and then get taxed, but please don't let me get started on that subject.

He says that by cutting 140 programs that are performing poorly; we'll cut out 14 billion in taxpayer's cost. How many people are in the US? According to the US Census Bureau the population as of April 2000 was 281,421,906. Divide 14 billion by 281,421,906 and it equals 49.74 Turn it around and divide 281,421,906 by 14 billion and it equals .02

You do the math. I never said I was any good at it.

Oh, he made a joke about two of his dad's favorite baby-boomers...himself and President Clinton...Hilary did NOT like that. If her nose got any more scrunched you'd've thunk somebody farted on her.

The American Competitiveness Initiative....huh? I wonder if any of those 4.6 million new jobs created were in teaching positions...

Fewer abortions...drug use is down...an evolution of conscience...direction of culture...unethical conduct by public officials...gay marriage...natural disasters...human cloning...animal hybrids...85 billion dollars donated to the Gulf Coast...Justices Roberts and Alito...will continue to nominate men and women...huh women? The ethical standards of Washington....nope, not gonna touch that one.

The move away from oil to alternative fuel sources.

These are just a few of the topics that made their way into the speech. But the biggest topic personally to me... Iran. "We will lead freedom's advance."

Don't get me wrong. I love my country, I love serving my country, I support my president as he is my Commander-In-Chief.

Troop support is strong. Very few Americans hold the troops accountable today. It's not like Vietnam which is every Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman's nightmare.

But I don't wanna go to war on a new front.

18 January 2006

American Idol

So the phenomenom that is American Idol started tonight. Yes, it's being shown on TV even here in Korea.

And I have to admit, I find some of these folks absolutely hilarious. I wonder what drives some of them to show up and look like a total idiot on national television.

Are they hoping they are the next William Hung?

Or are they truly delusional that they can actually warble a decent sound?

I can't sing. I know I can't sing. So even if I was of an age to even qualify to try out, I wouldn't. I don't want to look like an idiot.

So I wonder what goes through their mind...

Don't you?

06 January 2006

Life's a bitch...

and then she eats the last of your ice cream and grins at you while she does it.

Yeah, I'm complaining.

We got 73 inches of snow last month. No this is not a snow post. I'm just giving facts.

In the straight 21 days straight that it snowed and the 4-6" of ice that is everywhere, I've been extremely careful not to fall.

I made damn sure I didn't rush, walked with my body forward and took my time.

And I never fell.

Until yesterday.

We have no heat in our building. So we use a portable gas heater that has to be gassed up twice a day and delivered to our building. As we have a sheet of ice 5" thick, the truck can't drive over it. They let us know when they drop it off and we go get it, push it about 15 yards, and hook it up.

Yesterday morning we did our usual routine. About 10 feet into it, I slipped.

Landed on my butt and back, the nerve that runs from your butt to your neck started shooting fireworks, and my neck snapped.

Now I already have a bad neck and back from a car accident in 2001. Stupid bitch hit us doing 35 and we're at a dead stop with our turn signal on waiting to turn into our driveway. Shredded every ligament, tendon, and muscle in my neck and upper back. Mama's too.

I've got limited motion to the point that if I want to look to my left, my entire upper body turns to look. Three doctors have said it will not get better.

So after falling, I laid there. Cuz I couldn't get up. Two people had to pull me straight up in a way that my neck and back had no strain.

We finished pushing the heater to the building. Then smoked a cigarette.

Then took two bufferin cuz the headache struck and my neck started screaming. So I kept taking bufferin, got home and soaked in a hot bath, used a moist heat heating pad and hoped it would be better.

This morning was worse. Didn't sleep cuz every time I turned over, I woke up. I can't turn to the left or right, can only look straight ahead. Can't look up or down either.

So I made a dr's appointment.

I sprained my neck.

Got vicodin and flexerall. No PT, no lifting, no nothing for 30 days.

Yeah, she's enjoying my ice cream.

Fucking bitch.

03 January 2006

New Year Resolutions

What's yours?

Cuz everybody makes them.

Most resolutions are pretty normal stuff.

Some people want to lose weight. Others want to quit smoking.

Occasionally you get the really weird resolutions. One male acquaintenance several years back made a resolution to sleep with as many girls as he could; his bottom number was 32. I don't know if he kept it...and don't really wanna know.

So who made up the idea of New Year Resolutions? Why did they? And why on New Years day? Why not have birthday resolutions? That makes just as much sense.

I've made a few. In 1991 I made a resolution to lose weight. I finally lost the weight in 1994. In 1993 I decided to quit smoking. I kept that one for a year and a half. Pretty boring stuff.

Those were pretty much the only ones I kept. And even then for a short amount of time. I made a resolution once to quit cussing. That one lasted for a day. Actually for the time I was asleep.

So all in all I've failed at keeping resolutions.

So in 1996 after so many failed resolutions, I tried one more.

I resoluted never to make another New Year Resolution.

I've kept it for 10 years.