04 June 2015

Ok, at one point I decided to create a 2nd blog and now that I'm much smarter I know I can barely keep up with one, much less two.  So I'm combining.  These next few posts are what I put over there and don't want to lose so bear with me.

When I was pregnant with my twins I watched Discovery Health Channel like it was the ONLY channel on TV. One day a show came on called "Yummy Mummy". Of course I just had to watch it.

It was all about just how yummy you are after you have a baby.

Boy was I disappointed.

My belly did not go back flat. Stretch a balloon to hold over 14 lbs of baby at one time and see if it goes back to the original size. NOT!

Makeup? What was that? Who had time to put mascara on? I was lucky to brush my teeth!

Pretty clothes? I couldn't get into a pair of prepregnancy jeans to save my life. I was still wearing maternity pants six months after they were born!

Yummy Mummy, my ass.

Times past, first thing in the morning I'd make the coffee and while it was perking, brush my toofies, brush my hair, wash my face, and then relax with a cup of coffee.

After the boys were born? Stumble into the kitchen to make coffee, go check on screaming baby, put toothpaste on the toothbrush, go check on other screaming baby. Turn the fauccet on to wash face, hear strange gurgling sounds in nursery, run back in there to see, start back to the bathroom, both babies start screaming when you leave, turn around, cuddle both babies until they finally go back to sleep, stumble into the kitchen, pour a cup of coffee...

Only to find you forgot to put coffee grounds in the filter.

And that my friends is Dummy Mummy Syndrome.

And I got it times two!

Welcome to my life with twins...


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