04 June 2015

And it's finally Friday.

Thank goodness.

I hate the time change.

Scratch that.

I hate the spring forward time change.

I don't like losing time.

However it's doing wonders for my boys. They get to stay up later (they think) and they sleep a little longer (I think) in the morning.

I like to get up early, like 5am on the weekends. Why, you ask? Because I get an hour of quiet time before they wake up.

An hour to:

Drink coffee
Smoke a cigarette (yes I smoke, don't lecture me)
Play a game on the computer
Get their cereal ready
Get their sippy cups ready
Wake up.

An hour to myself that doesn't come but once a day if I'm lucky.

Then they wake up.

And the excitement begins.

Because everything is new again to them. They love watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse on DVD. They sit with their cup of cheerios and sippy cup of milk and ooh and aaahhh over Mickey and his pals. They jump up and down and laugh like they have never laughed before.

And I clean up cheerios.

But that's ok.

Because the joy on their faces means the world to me.

I still don't like the time change.

But for them...it's worth it.


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