04 June 2015

Dressing myself...

is one of the hardest things I've had to learn since retiring from the Air Force. See, I'm used to wearing a uniform. I get up in the morning and the only thing I had to think about was...wear my hair french braided, ponytail, or bun.

No worries about what to wear, if it matched, or looked good.

Cuz I'm sorry, no matter how great your body is, you just can't tell in uniform.

Sorry folks. That's an urban myth.

Ok, back to dressing myself.

Now I live in the civilian world. High heels, dress pants, nice shirt, hair, makeup, etc. All that jazz.

I used to think that I was good at dressing.

I've learned that I'm not.

This morning I got up, looked in my closet, and decided to wear black pants with a nice black shirt.

Guess what?

It didn't match.

Nope, sure didn't.

You can't wear a black tweed pant with an off black shirt. It doesn't work.

Did you know there are different shades of black? Now blue, yeah, blue has different shades. So does pink, and green, and red. But black?

Who the hell knew black could really be not-black?

Then I realized it was St. Patty's Day so I found a shirt with green in it.

Now, what to wear tomorrow...


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