04 June 2015

Phew and it's almost 5 months later

How time does fly! I could have sworn that I'd posted since March 17 but there goes that DMS again...

So last night I'm giving the twins a bath and Mick (that's baby A aka older by 1 minute) lays down and on his belly is this HUGE horrid sickly looking green bruise. I lean down to look closer....and....

No, he didn't pee on me.

He has bruises running up his thighs too.

So I call my mom, who keeps them while I'm at work, and ask her if he had fallen. She said no, and I told her she needed to come up here and look and these huge honking bruises.

So she trots on up here (it's like a 1 minute walk) and looks him over (no he didn't pee on her either). He's not in any pain, it's not sore or anything. And we're both perplexed.

Then we see the pullups.


Yep, the ink on the pullups had sweated all over him while he was outside playing!

Maybe I need to check and see if they were made in China.


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