04 June 2015

And the boys want to do nothing but play outside!

Which is great for letting them run off their energy.

But did you know that two year olds have boundless energy?

They do.


Lots and LOTS of energy.

We get home at 6:45 pm. We get out of the car and immediately they run for their playhouse. Arms full of groceries and other crap (you moms know what I'm talking about), keys held between your teeth, and trying to call the boys to come inside.

Not happening.

Drop everything on the stairs and start chasing! Which is kind of hard to do when you have a gravel driveway, high heels, and two active little boys.

Finally get them inside 20 minutes later, go outside to gather up everything you dropped and see the contents of your purse spilled everywhere.

Finally get inside only to realize you can't find your keys.

Toss your hands up in the air and go watch Mickey Mouse with your kids.

Hear them laugh, giggle, and scream out when something excites them.

Feel them cuddle up next to you as you all watch and enjoy the snuggles.

A perfect end to a hectic day.


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