21 May 2007


My life has been so centered on babies for the last year that I've forgotten what a hobby was. So yesterday me and Gigi took the boys to Michael's and I bought a jewelry making starter kit. Well actually two of them and a few other items.

And discovered I really really like making jewelry! I enjoyed finding the right colors, mixing and matching, and the intricacy of it.

Here's the two sets I've made so far.
The first is a simple aquamarine necklace with bracelet and earrings.

This one was a little more intricate. It's a three-tiered necklace with bracelet. I made earrings but forgot to take a picture of them.

13 May 2007

It's Mother's Day

I've discovered -

There are never enough hours in the day.
Every day is laundry day.
If there isn't laundry to do, a diaper needs changing.
If a diaper doesn't need changing, clothes need changing.
If clothes don't need changing, then it's feeding time.
If it isn't feeding time, it's time to clean the kitchen.
If the kitchen is clean, the living room needs dusting.
If the living room is dusted, the boys room needs straightening.
If the boys room is straightened, there's laundry to do.

I've discovered-

There's always time to pick up my sons and cuddle for a moment.
There's always time to stop and console them whey they cry.
There's always time to rock them when they're tired.
There's always time to stop and take a picture of them smiling.
There's always time to stop and breathe in that precious baby smell.
There's always time for them.

I've discovered I love being their Mama.

09 May 2007

Hungry boys!

So the boys had their two month appt and their pedi agreed that they could start eating baby food. So they get cereal with fruit in the mornings and a veggie and fruit for dinner. And since they are big enough to sit in their high chairs we have an babyfest two times a day!

It's so funny to watch them as they eat. You gotta be FAST to feed two at a time...and if I'm not fast enough, boy o boy do they let me know! Sometimes Gigi has to step in and help cuz they're just two hungry hungry bears!

I also ordered some bottle holders from greatbabyproducts.com I gotta tell you they are AWESOME! The are a MUST for moms of multiples! Take a look!

So back to feeding. It starts with putting them both in their highchairs. Then the bibs go around their necks. And when you hold a bib in front of them they start kicking their legs and get excited cuz they know food is coming!

Mack is a gulper when he takes the bottle. He's also a gulper when he's getting his food off the spoon. It's so funny to watch cuz his mouth never stops! Mick is Mr. Slow & Steady but he gets that bite in his mouth and he's chomping away! Well as well as you can chomp with no teeth, that is. LOL

Now normally if I'm fast enough for them I can usually wipe their chin with the spoon for that little bit they spit out or drool and keep them fairly clean, however there are times when both of us are feeding them and we just can't keep up! And it's hilarious to see!

Wanna see for yourself? Here ya go!

So this is life in the pixie household twice a day! It makes for some great laughs and the boys are adorable!

But as you can see, they keep us quite busy so until next post...