23 April 2007

My new address is...

#2 Spitup Central

I pay my rent in laundry soap.

My utilities are paid in dryer sheets.

My landlords are twin brothers.

Oh yeah, don't ask me what the deposit was.

14 April 2007

Two months old already?

Where has the time gone?

Sometimes it seems like it was just yesterday I was huge and bulky and would fall over with every step.

Yet at the same time it seems like they've been here forever!

My boys are two months old!

They still seem so small even though I know they're growing.

I just can't imagine them any smaller than they are even though I have pictures to prove it.


They're two months old today!

10 April 2007

This is your brain on...

Before February 14 the only lullaby I knew was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Itsy Bitsy Spider (does this one count as a lullaby?)

Now I have so many running through my brain, primarily "Lullabye and Good Night" that my head is constantly buzzing.

Both Gigi and I walk around humming this song...when we catch the other we just give a "look" and sigh...then start humming again.

Now so far there's only been one thing that can wipe the lullabyes from my head.

It's a commercial.

It's a doggy commercial.

It's a doggy flea commercial.

And it goes something like this...

Ain't no bugs on me,
There may be bugs on some of you mugs,
But there ain't no bugs on me!

Yeah, my brain is mush.

07 April 2007

Welcome to the club...

The other day me and Gigi were walking in the mall with the boys in their double stroller. A woman walked up to us and commented how beautiful Mick and Mack were. Then she told us that she has 22 year old twins. Then she made the most amazing, wonderful, thought-provoking comment.

She said-

"Welcome to the club where God chooses the members."

I wonder why He chose me.

06 April 2007

Quiet on the homefront...

It's Friday morning. Mick woke me at 0530 to feed and after he was done I decided to just stay up as I have a dr's appt at 0930.

So I'm sitting here drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette.

The boys are in their bed asleep.

My mom and dad are asleep in their bed.

And all is quiet.


That's not something I get to enjoy very often anymore.

So I'm enjoying the heck out of it right now.


Welcome back my friend.

03 April 2007

Get ready to hate me!

A friend of mine introduced me to a new online game. It's not a typical type of game, in fact, you have to be able to think outside the box and use your imagination.

And fair warning...it's ADDICTIVE!

It's called Weffriddles!

Click here to find out what it's all about. And after you get hooked come back and cuss me out! LOL

02 April 2007

Forget the mysteries of woman...

Here's the eternal question...

Where the hell is the instruction manual for babies?

I've come to the conclusion...

that babies just like to scream.

There's no rhyme or reason to it.

They scream when they are hungry.

They scream when they are fed.

They scream when they are dry.

They scream when they are wet.

They scream when they have to poop.

They scream when they don't have to poop.

They scream when they are burped.

They scream when they have to burp.

They scream when they are bathed.

They scream when they are dirty.

They scream when you change their clothes.

They scream when you don't change their clothes.

They scream when they are wide awake.

They scream when they are sleepy.

They scream whenever the hell they feel like it.

They scream.


It's enough to drive a woman to smoke.

Oh yeah, I started that back already.

I love my boys.

I really do.

But Dear God they know how to scream!

Anyone got a beer for me?