31 March 2007


How do you get two babies to sleep for more than 3-4 hours at a time! Mick and Mack wake up every 3-4 hours to feed and Gigi and I are EXHAUSTED!

We've tried adding cereal to their formula.

We've tried rocking them.

We've tried everything we can think of to no avail.

The boys consistently wake up with their mouths open and yelling at the top of their lungs for food. I knew growing boys had hollow legs but who knew newborn babies did too!

Anyone got any advice? *said in a really pitiful voice*

20 March 2007

Aiming the peepee!

Little boys. How do they know how to aim? They're just babies. They shouldn't even know what to aim or who to aim at!

But mine do.

They hit the bullseye every single time.

I'm talking about diaper changes.

I take off Mick's diaper, reach for the Desitin, and WHAM! He aims and scores!

I get him all cleaned up, am putting Desitin on him, and placing the diaper under his little but when BAM! He's off and squirting again! At this point I now have to change him into his second outfit and then go change my clothes too.

Mack is just as bad. It's like he holds it until he hears the velcro on the diaper come off and WHACK! He squirts you in the eye. He also likes to aim for the mouth. Luckily I've learned to keep my mouth closed when changing diapers. And let's not even start with the pooping. I was changing his diaper one morning around 3am. I knew he was pooping so I waited until he was done. Then pulled off the diaper, only to hear SPLAT! He scooterpooted so hard he projectiled pooped all over me. That was fun to clean up, NOT!

Maybe I should get these guys playing darts and baseball as soon as possible. Is it legal to bet on your kids? LOL

So for all you folks out there who have one little boy and know what I'm talking about, imagine double the dose, and once you've stopped laughing and gasping for air, please say a little prayer! We can use every little bit we get around here!

14 March 2007

A month old already

Can you believe they are a month old today? Sometimes it seems like they just arrived yesterday and other days it seems like they have been here forever!

Mick is now over 9 lbs and Mack is racing to catch up at over 8 lbs now. We've had fun trying to figure out what formula works best for them as I have two very gassy baby boys.

They are starting to focus more with their eyes and their facial expressions are getting more and more animated. Mick "mews" when he eats while Mack is a gulper and loudly lets you know! They're up to 6 oz a feeding now...now if they'd just go six hours between feedings...

They are cuties though! I made some purty babies for sure!