27 January 2007

Now I'm getting creative

Since I didn't go with traditional crib bedding, the crib looks a little bare. So today we got some celestial type material and I'm gonna sew little moons and stars, then stuff em and tie to the bars of the crib for decoration.

It should be fun to try.

Off to go start.

Wish me luck!

24 January 2007

I'm a bad girl!

I was told today to get off my duff and blog. So here I am.

So I'm going to talk about American Idol.

I'm enjoying the judges comments. I don't know if it's cuz I'm miserable and misery loves company but I like it.

This dude on right now from New York really needs to get a clue. And liposuction those lips!

Anyways, the person who has impressed me the most was Memphis Sundance. He had a GREAT voice!

Ok, enough about AI.

We'll be 34 weeks in 2 days. I'm ready for 36 weeks. I'm ready to have babies. I'm ready to be a mom. And I'm ready to get my body back again.

Enough about pregnancy.

What's next...oh yeah, Luka is doing better. I give him his meds every morning and he has cut out 80-90% of his whining. I'm so happy. And I think Mama's relaxing a little more over it too.

Speaking of Mama...she's my miracle, my blessing. I broke down on her shoulder tonight and she just let me cry it out. I'd be so lost without her right now. I hope she knows that.

My baby shower is a week from this Saturday. Packages have been arriving every day and Mama just smiles that smile at me as she brings the boxes in. She knows I wanna know what's in them. LOL She'll take lots of pics of everything and we'll post them so everyone can see.

And then hopefully the week or so after the shower, we'll have us some babies!

And lastly I just wanna say hello to two special groups of ladies. Y'all have helped me keep my sanity through so many things...I love you ladies...all my friends!

So now I think I've covered enough for right now. I'll blog more after my doctor's appt on Friday.

Until then - pass a hug along to someone else. It'll help start their day off pretty good.

13 January 2007

We made it to 32 weeks!

And what a blessing it is. I no longer have to worry about seeing the "jerky" doctor in Macon and can just concentrate on growing the boys a little longer. It's like a 200lb weight was taken off my shoulders.

Mama greeted me with a 'high 5" this morning!

Now we are just putting the finishing touches on the boys room and taking it easy so they grow as strong and healthy as possible.

It's such a good day I can't stop crying.

06 January 2007

A happier medium?

My dog Luka or as Gigi calls him "idiot dog" has a slight whining problem. Meaning he whines all the time. It finally got to the point that it was coming down to a decision of him or babies...and we all know which would win.

So I made an appt with a vet and Gigi took him. Bless her heart, I know she absolutely hated to do it, but she did it for me.

It seems Luka is a high-anxiety dog. It comes from a lack of continuity due to my being sent to Korea for a year. He was just uprooted one time too many and it has made him highly nervous.

So now he's on doggie prozac. And so far except for a few exceptions, he doesn't whine. He's only been on the meds for 3 days but so far so good.

Cross your fingers he stays calm.

05 January 2007

And it's 2007!

Seems like it took forever to get here yet now that it's here 2006 went by too fast.

Some good things about 2007:

One year closer to retirement (2008!)

I'll be 37 this year.

Means we made it through another year and am still alive and kicking.

And the best thing about 2007...

I'm gonna be a mama this year!

Oh yeah, it's almost time. Doc says next month they'll be here.

Part of me is still a lot nervous but the rest of me is yelling "come on, let's go!"

What's the best thing about 2007 for you?