25 July 2006

Going home

I'm going home next week.

It's been a rough week. Some spotting, some bleeding, a visit to the ER. Bedrest gets old after day 2 but the reason for it makes it worth it.

Doc says my spotting/bleeding is normal for a lot of women, to take it easy, and see an OB as soon as I get home.

Speaking of home, I leave here 1 Aug. One week from today I'll be home. I can NOT wait.

With all the scares this week, if something is going to go wrong, I want to be at home with support, not here by myself.

1 week.

Let's go!

13 July 2006

Double Trouble

I need to clarify something.

You see, in my last post I stated I was 36 and pregnant with my first child.

I lied.

In fact, I'm 36 and pregnant with my first two children.




That means two of everything.


I'm a bit overwhelmed right now.

Actually a lot overwhelmed right now.

That's just the first part.

The second part is they are sending me home in the next few weeks so I can get proper prenatal care.

Mama, I'm coming home.


Bring lots of kleenex with you!

10 July 2006

36? How the heck did that happen?

I turned 36 today. And I'm 5 weeks pregnant today.

Life is good.

I wonder sometimes when I look in the mirror where those wrinkles came from. At times I still feel like the 18 year old who just graduated high school and had her entire life ahead of her.

I had plans. I was going to England to marry a duke. Then I was going to Florida to live the high life. Hurricane Andrew knocked that idea out the ballpark. On to Charleston, SC where I met the love of my life (so I thought at the time). That so did not work out. Went to Korea for the first time and met my ex-fiancee. He, I definitely loved but at the time it just wasn't right. Now I'm 26 years old, lived all over the world but still wasn't where I thought I should be. Back to Florida where I decided the Air Force wasn't for me anymore and prepared to separate. The Air Force kicked me back with a promotion and I became a recruiter in Alabama, close to home. Life was good. Except I was 29, still not married and no kids. Did well at recruiting, approved to career progress and again the Air Force kicked me; back into the maintenance world and I moved to California. Huge HugE HUGE mistake. But once there I decided to finally go for what I wanted which was a child. Got started, halfway through and damned if the Air Force doesn't kick me again and I had orders to Korea again. Put everything on hold and moved halfway across the world again.

Now I'm 36 and pregnant with my first child.

So maybe life didn't work out the way I planned when I was 18 or 26 or even 34. But it seems to be on track now. My folks are thrilled, my mama's literally jumping for joy. My brother's looking forward to being an uncle. My grandparents are excited. I don't know where Paul is. Maybe one day he'll tell me.

But I'm happy. And I'm content.

Now I just have to decide baby names.

Yep, life is good.

03 July 2006

And here I thought...

I was gonna breeze right through! No sore boobs, no morning sickness, just an aversion to greasy food smells (no fast food for a while), cramping, and a tendency to tear up.

Nope, not that easy.

Morning sickness came acalling this morning. And when she knocks you better open the door. Cuz it ain't pretty otherwise.

Guess I'll start keeping crackers on my nightstand now.

Any other helpful hints out there? I know the aunties have some.