21 February 2006

The Olympics

They only come around once every four years. Yeah, yeah, I know technically they're on every two years but I have to wait 4 more years to see pairs skating again so...just nod your head now.

It's every country's TOP athletes. That's HUGE. Could you imagine being your country's #1 athlete, or even #2 or 3? I know I would never have been disciplined enough to even go half the distance these folks have.

So why is the press slamming them down?

MSNBC says the Olympics need a big star.


Why does the press feel the need to hype them up prior to the competition but when they come in 4th or 5th, the press slams them down.

I feel for Sasha Cohen. So what she hasn't spoken with the press. Just means the girl is concentrating on her skating. She doesn't have to give you a sound bite to make you happy. The only person she has to satisfy with her skating is herself. But that's not enough for the press. They're speculating all over the place about why she isn't talking with the press.

And for God's sake, leave Bode Miller alone. The man has proven his abilities over and over and over again, yet he ends up 5th and the press starts talking about how much he's partying. Do you mean to tell me he's the only athlete over there partying? Cuz last time I checked it takes more than one person to party. Bode is an awesome skier. And he's 5th in the world right now. Heck, there ain't a number large enough for where I would end up in a skiing competition.

I don't see any press members out there skiing for all their worth. Or trying a triple toe loop and landing it. Are they wearing speedskates and skating the 500 in under 30 seconds?

Nope. Don't see any of that.

Why can't they just appreciate the fact that these are the TOP athletes each country has. And enjoy the competition.

Why does it have to be a medal count?

Man oh man, just to represent your country means you have won.

So to the members of the press- LAY OFF!

Relax and enjoy the games. Enjoy the artistry and spirited rivalries of athletes who have seesawed their wins between them. Enjoy the Olympic spirit. Enjoy the coming together of countries that otherwise would spit on each other.

Put a positive spin on the stories. So what if the US only won the bronze. Good grief, that means we're 3rd in the world! There's nothing shameful about that. Instead, treat it as a cause to celebrate.

Relax and enjoy the fun.

I know I am.

09 February 2006

Question for you

I'm tired. Don't know why. Just am.

I didn't have a bad day. I didn't have a physical day. It was busy work mostly.

That's my job pretty much, busy work and paperwork.

Maybe that's why I'm tired...too much paperwork.

So my question is...

Do you get tired for no apparent reason and if so, how do you combat it?

08 February 2006

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Tonight I'm watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (The Tom Family in Fairfield, CA) and I'm woman enough to admit that I'm sitting here crying.

This home was built approximately 1 mile from my house in California.

I remember the first morning driving to work and some guy in a blue shirt is waving at me to slow down....I mean waaaayyyyy down. So I did. And grumbled because I was running late to work. When I came home that evening from work the construction crews were still there. Of course I was curious as to what was going on, but in California you really don't pay much attention around you. It's too busy all the time to do that.

I found out the following day that Extreme Makeover was building a house. They couldn't get all their equipment into the small neighborhood the house faced so they tore down a section of an 8-10' high brick fence behind the house that ran along East Tabor Ave. All work was done from East Tabor, the road I went to and from work every day.

I love reality television so from that point I paid careful attention, very careful attention.

And I gotta say that they build these houses in 7 days. It was amazing seeing the lumber for the walls and roof on the road one afternoon at lunch, only to come home that afternoon and see the roof going on...words can't even describe how hard these folks work. What they fit into the small lots that California homes are on...was just amazing. A 3 story house with an elevator, a pool in the backyard, it was quite simply in a word- Amazing. John Laing Homes paid off her mortgage and a trust of $300,000 was started in the girls' names .

Now seeing the episode just made it all hit home. I know this neighborhood, I drove by this house twice a day, I shopped at the Sears Ty went to. Tears poured down my cheeks as Mark Willis sang "Don't laugh at me" to Faith. I'll never hear that song again without thinking about how one simple act or look can hurt someone's soul.

This isn't a put-on or a show-off, it's a real family with real faces. Just real people who just want to help and make a difference.

It makes you believe there is still goodness in the world.

Welcome home Tom Family.