29 March 2006


"Lost" intrigues me.

I want to know if the island is an experiment. I want to know where Walt is and why he's so special. And baby Aaron? Is he innocent or evil?

Will Sawyer and Kate hook up or will it be Jack and Kate? Ana-Lucia seems to show some interest in Jack...or is it a scheme?

What's really going on?

What are your thoughts...

25 March 2006

Back in Korea

Ok, first things first.

School kicked my ass.

If only it could have reduced the size of it as well...

I made it through. I was worried though, very worried.

But I graduated and got the certificate to prove it.

Mama came down for one weekend and we had a great time. We went to a restaurant called Sam's in Pensacola and had the most wonderful seafood. We met a friend of her's, Susie, who is bright, intellectual, and warm. She also gives great career advice!

After school was out, I was able to spend 5 days at home with my family. And I have to say it was wonderful. My nieces have grown so much in the last 6 months. They are beautiful, spirited girls...and I miss them terribly.

Luka aka "idiot dog" as she has nicknamed him, has become extremely well-behaved. Considering what Mama has had to deal with while training him, she should be given the "Patience" award. He actually listens now and it's a good thing I don't get jealous cuz he follows her around like a shadow.

Sasha is her same beautiful self. She has one solid white whisker which scared me to death. I can't stand the thought of losing her and I know I only have a few more years with her. Even Daddy likes Sasha and Daddy doesn't like dogs. Ok, that's an understatement. Daddy really does NOT like dogs in any way shape or form. But he likes Sasha. That's a miracle to behold.

Mama has a horrible sinus infection. Please send her your best when you talk with her next. It's so bad she actually went to the doctor voluntarily. That says something.

Now I'm back in Korea. After the flight from B'ham to Dallas, a 4 hour layover, a 14 hour white knuckle flight to Seoul, a 3 hour wait, a 4 hour bus ride, I arrived back to my room with no clue what time it was as all my clocks were blinking. Evidently there were several power outages.

I felt fine when I boarded the flight to Seoul. I woke up 3 hours into the flight only to feel incredibly bad. My head stopped up, my throat hurt, and my body ached. Now my tongue is this horrible shade of green and white, my body hurts to move, and I'm draining chunks of something. It truly is disgusting. I slept some Saturday morning after arriving back but at 4pm yesterday I passed out hard, awoke around 10pm, ate, and crashed back out until 5am. This truly sucks.

Had a horrible nightmare on the plane also. Most of you know I truly dislike flying. It's on my list of 10 worst things to do...actually it tops the list next to bungee jumping. So I'm dreaming that I'm on this huge plane and the pilot loses his mind and starts doing stunts. So the passengers are screaming, the pilot's doing rolls, and we crash. Yep, crashed. Not a great way to wake up while on an airplane.

Maybe that contributed to my getting sick...

So anyway, I'm back. I head back to work tomorrow to get ready for the inspection next month.

I'll write more later!

03 March 2006

I'm going home!

After 5 months in Korea, I'm going home! Well I'll be spending two weeks in Florida for school, but I get a week to spend with my family before I come back!

I get to see my Mama & Daddy.

I get to see my Boo & Gina.

I get to see my girls.

I get to see my babies.

I get to drive my truck.

I get to spend time with my family!

Packing's done, now it's a waiting game. 4 hour bus ride, 6 hours at the airport, 14 hour flight, 3 hours in Dallas, and home at 3:15pm Saturday 4 March!

Time to get started.

See ya when I get back!