30 September 2005

It works!

Wooohooo! It worked! Thanks T. :-)

Ok, I'll introduce myself. I'm a female in the Air Force and heading to Korea for a year. This is my 2nd tour to Korea and my 3rd trip overseas. I've been in for 17 years, right out of high school (yeah, yeah, you can stop counting now!).

I'm a huge fan of EL and family and was lucky enough to meet a serpent, a squirrel, an Australian "Jay"bird accompanied by a sneezy dragon, a horde of flying piggies, and lots of other wonderful creatures. Together we made a home online.

That's it for now!

Oh, just call me Pixie!

Trying, trying, trying

Ok, here goes the practice test. If this works, I'd like to thank Nell for the name. I just love it! And Teresa, for helping me figure this out.

Ok, here goes, clicking submit.