24 October 2007

Let's Say Thanks

Take a minute and head to this website Let's Say Thanks and send a card to a soldier in Iraq.

Think of the smile you'll put on their face.

Thanks Xerox!

20 October 2007


Ok, Mick and Mack are everywhere. And when I say everywhere, I mean EVERYWHERE! And they are FAST!

You can't go to the bathroom without them getting into everything. Let's not even discuss taking a shower....

So I went on e-bay looking for playards. And this is what I found. Isn't it adorable? It's big enough for the boys to play, crawl, and roll. And we can go to the bathroom in peace. LOL

Getting my life back

Tuesday and Wednesday this week were a wake-up call for me. Wednesday especially.

I mopped the floors 3x on Wednesday. Why, you ask? Because I was bored. I had nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to do at work. I have no responsibility, no reason for going there. Nobody wants to stress me out so they took away all my responsibility. What they don't get is that stresses me out even more. I need to have a goal, a job, a reason for being there.

Wednesday night I got mad for the first time since before the boys arrived. And it felt good. I spewed, spouted, ranted, and raved for an hour with Gigi just watching.

On Thursday I went to my unit and told them I need a job. That I want my life back. That I want ME back. That I need to feel useful. And I can't do that without their help and a reason for putting on my uniform every day.

They're discussing it now. Who knows how it will turn out, but at least I took the starter step.

09 October 2007

They grow so fast!

It's amazing the little personalities and quirks that a baby has. And when watching two of them who should be so much alike as a twin...it's downright amazing how different they are. One smiles all the time, one makes you work for his smile.

Mack loves to crawl all over his brother while Mick just lays there with a look on his face like 'are you done yet man?'

Mick would laugh all day long if he didn't have to eat and nap. His whole face just lights up. Mack laughs with his whole body.

One crawls one way, another crawls in a different style. I'd imagine that they'll do the same when they start walking.

One day loud noises scare Mick yet by the next day the noise doesn't faze him at all. Mack doesn't seem to ever be fazed by noises except for the whiny sound of a drill. He doesn't like that sound at all.

I look at them and I wonder where my little bitty babies went. I remember them both fitting on my chest and now I can only fit one. The three of us would curl up on the couch and snuggle and now we can't.

I look into their faces and I see a glimpse of the little boys and young men they will become. And I am amazed. Because I see true beauty. And miracles. These little boys that shouldn't be but are. My miracles. My loves. My life. My heart.

I can only hope that I live up to their expectations. Because they have Mommy wrapped around their little pinkies x2.

Nell, you once said that you didn't know your heart could survive outside your body until you had Mikey. I didn't understand that then. I do now. And my heart can happily stay outside my body as long as it means these two precious little beings will always be here.

I love my Mick and Mack so very damn much it hurts sometimes.

Guess that makes me their mommy.