27 September 2007

My Daddy said God would provide...

As most of you know Mick was diagnosed with Plagiocephaly which basically means his skull has not formed normally and the back side of his head is literally flat. If not treated he could have problems with migraines, asymetry of his facial features, jaw problems etc. The most common treatment for Plagiocephaly is a molding helmet which helps the head grow into the areas that are not rounded out. Tricare, the military HMO, paid for Mick to be sent to a child neurologist for the diagnosis but will not pay to treat him.

After reading a message a friend sent me about the Navy Aid Society helping out a young family with the same problem, this morning I went to the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) office on base. I had to provide doctor documentation, prescription for the helmet, quote on the price, my LES, and then they went over my financial status completely. Once we did this, I was asked to step outside and they called AFAS Headquarters right then. Half an hour later I was approved for a grant. A grant means that the money is signed directly over to the orthotic company to pay for the helmet and I do not have to repay anyone. The grant was for $2100.00--- $2100 that I did not have and was going to have to make payment plans for. I walked out of the AFAS office with a check for $2100.00, picked up Mick for his measurement appt, and handed the orthotic company the check and that was it.

Today God smiled down and blessed my little family. I saw a miracle happen today.

And I feel like a 100 lbs of weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I'm not a particularly religious person, I have my beliefs but in my life I've only seen a few miracles such as the birth of my nieces. This year I have been given 3 miracles- Mick, Mack, and now this.

My Daddy was right. God does provide...

26 September 2007

And they're mobile!

The boys are mobile! Mack is thisfar from crawling...he gets up on all fours and starts off and then falls to his tummy and army crawls. Mick is pure army crawling.

And they are EVERYWHERE! I can't keep up!

My back hurts, my thighs hurt, my knees hurt, my shoulders hurt, everything hurts cuz I'm chasing them everywhere!

Maybe I'll lose some baby weight this way. LOL

02 September 2007

I've been told I need to blog something

so here we go.

It's been a rough couple of months. But out of anything bad comes something good. I had a lot of alone time with my boys and we got to really know each other. And they know I'm their Mama. Gigi is now back and the boys are helping her and she's finding her way slowly but surely. She has a long road ahead of her but me and my brothers are here for her.

I've been making lots of jewelry as therapy. Check out my stuff HERE

I really wish it'd start selling cuz I need to feed my beading habit...I can't buy more beads until these sell! If any of my friends see anything they like make me an offer and if it's reasonable...then it's yours! Do your part to help an addict! LOL

The boys are wonderful! Gigi bought them their first pair of shoes this weekend. They are thisclose to crawling but they just haven't quite gotten there. They're rolling everywhere though...we have to chase after whichever one is heading closest to the furniture to stop them. Maybe my new weight loss plan (chasing babies) will start working soon. LOL

Anyways, life is moving on and we are adjusting to a new "normal" It's one day at a time, one hour at a time. And we're making it. Little by little.

I've missed you guys too but I just wasn't ready to 'talk' yet. Now I think I'm back and will start blogging more regularly.

Thanks for all your support and help during the last few months. It has really been a comfort to me and mine.

*hugs* and I love you all!