23 September 2006

My poor boobs.

Yep, I said boobs.

Mine are HUGE. I'm getting stretch marks on my boobs.

Stretch marks do fade away eventually right?

I hope so.

I paid too much for my boobs to have stretch marks.

$3,795.00 to be exact. For the most perfect perky bouncy 34C breasts.

Course if I'd known then that having twins would double their size for free...I might have done this earlier.

Then again, I wasn't ready in 2002.

Am I ready now?

Some days I think yes, other days I wanna run for the hills.

Doesn't every woman go through this?

I sure hope so.

22 September 2006

Is it really almost October?

I get to find out in October what sex the twins are. They're both still here, jumping and twisting and dancing away. We've seen them moving on two different ultrasounds and I heard their heartbeats for the first time this week.

Started my job. Not too sure I like it. Things are so slow and there's not a whole lot of work. I get bored easily. Maybe time will tell and things will speed up or at least I'll find something to do.

Officially moved into my house. Mama wouldn't let me unpack anything. In fact between her and the movers, I got yelled at if I even so much as looked at a box. But I did get to unpack (not lift) my boxes of books and I have my nice little library set up. It was a pain to lift only 2-4 books at a time but I got it done! In the meantime, Mama finished up the kitchen, her bedroom, and bathroom. Guess I was a little slow! LOL

Now my bedroom is finished (minus the stuff I still have coming from Korea) and I'm sleeping in MY bed. There's nothing better than your own bed at night to get comfortable in.

Speaking of comfortable, I managed to pull a muscle in my abdomen this week. I finally went to the doc on Wednesday. I wasn't sleeping at all so he put me on muscle relaxants and two days off. I'm feeling better now.

Well I think I've about caught you up on everything for the moment.

Except I forgot to tell you about the bean splicer. It was my first housewarming gift. Still not sure what to do with it...I think I'll let the aunties tell you about it.